gration MOdelling for Statistical Analyses
Modelling of statistical data on migration and migrant populations

The project

The MIMOSA project (Migration Modelling for Statistical Analyses) was funded by Eurostat.
The main objective of the project was to develop methods to reconcile the differences in international migration statistics in European countries. The project produces estimates of both migration flows and population stocks.

In addition the project provides consultancy to both Eurostat and Member States of the European Union (EU) on the way to produce more reliable migration figures, to make all available figures more compatible (within each country) and more comparable (at EU-level) and to estimate missing data using all available data and expert opinions.

The estimates of migration flows make best use of available data and aim at comparable migration statistics by adjusting data based on national definitions to meet the common definitions contained in the new European regulation on migration statistics, and to complete migration statistics by combining data from different sources and incorporating additional information when appropriate.

In addition the MIMOSA project assists the Member States in the use of estimation techniques in cases where appropriate data sources remain unavailable to meet the obligations of the new regulation. The regulation allows Member States to supply estimated results where appropriate data sources are not available to supply the statistics specified in the legislation.

The MIMOSA project produces estimates (for the years 2002-2007) of:

Citizenship includes the categories : citizenship of country of residence, citizenship of another EU member state and non-EU citizenship.

Country of birth includes the categories : native born, born in another EU Member State, and born in a non-EU country.

The project is carried out by four European research institutes:

The project started in January 2007 and ended in December 2009.




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